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About Us

One evening, arriving in our beloved Barcelona by sailboat, ​​the city´s skyline was silhouetted majestically against the sunlight, reminding us of all the special times we had experienced there.

 Skylines of the World arose from our passion... our travels, discovering new places, whereby converting city Skylines into decorative items inspired us to create our project.

The first sample was made of wood, a material with which we have extremely close ties. We tried out different finishes and finally started working with metal, which seemed amazing, pliable and resistant, and which enables us to create skylines with an infinite number of finishes.

 We are passionate about the outcome of our metal skylines. This element contains great virtues: it provides the decoration with a touch of modernity, it´s perfect for increasing the degree of luminosity in a room, it´s easy to integrate, it fits in perfectly anywhere, adding personality and transforming the aesthetics of your home or company.

In addition to being decorative and carrying us off to different parts of the world, our skylines are particularly special due to the values ​​with which they are made. Our concern for the environment has led us to work exclusively with companies that meet the appropriate sustainability requirements.



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